Monday, June 23, 2008

Evan's 3rd Birthday celebration ...

Ev had a great time celebrating his birthday ... as we all did ... everything was awesome Terri and Paul ... THANKS for having us ... (-8b

Ev sure is blessed to have 2 fabulous sisters like he does ... Jalene and Janelle ... these pictures say it all ... how cute are these 4 grandbabies ... how blessed are we ???

Isaac thought it was a pretty good party too as he sure didn't lack for any attention ... he's crawling now and had lots of fun trying to get at Ev's stuff ... (-8b

Monday, June 16, 2008

a FANtastic father's day weekend ...

what a wonderful way to enjoy a Fathers Day ... 3 very happy CUBS fans watching their team win yet another game in the afternoon ... and then watching part of the Celtics game at night ... [ which i guess they just want to win the NBA championship IN Boston tuesday night ... very understandable. ] this very blessed dad / grampa got to spend time with all 3 of his kids and all 4 of his grandkids ... plus his 2 sisters and most of their families on saturday night ... (-8b

we love having our " Princess Jalene" over for a saturday night sleepover ... we are SO going to miss these when they move out to phoenix ... )-8b

everyone LOVES grammas peanut butter cookies

Thea is not a big fan of the water or she would have jumped in and joined Jalene ... she LOVES when the kids come over ... she gets a little too excited at first and her barking is not always a big hit with them ... thankfully, she only barks for a few minutes ... (-8b

while Jalene was enjoying her bath ... Thea couldn't resist trying out her sleeping bag ... and ... meeting Dora the explorer ...