Sunday, September 7, 2008

celebrating isaac's 1st birthday ...

what a beautiful day it turned out to be ... thankfully, the weather forecasters were wrong and it turned out to be a nice overcast [ best for pictures ] kinda day !!!

isaac had SO much fun ... the rest of us did too, of course ... he was his usual cute self and had many friends and family over to celebrate.

the awesome hosts ... can you tell isaac was happy to have everyone there ... the food was spectacular • i even heard there was a delicious pasta salad with sauerkraut in it ... ??? ... like i said, i JUST heard about it.

isaac got many awesome gifts and this is my favorite of the gift opening ceremonies ... i think adam & jenn were even more excited than issac with this one ... isaac actually was more excited with the cards ... (-8b

he had his own personal "little einstiens" rocket cake that jenn made for him ... he entertained us for awhile eating it while posing for some photos ... too cute !!!

this is my favorite photo of the afternoon ... this blessed grampa's 2 favorite congdon boys !!!

thought you all would enjoy this picture of adam ... 27 years ago on his 1st birthday ... he seems to have had alot more hair than isaac does and he was about 3 of those hairs short of being as cute ... (-8b ... love you son ... and grandson !!!