Thursday, August 6, 2009

and Addison makes 6 ...

welcome to the family Addison Rose ... we've been waiting to meet you

Addison ... a week old already

... we ALL enjoyed the Mackmers visit from phoenix ...

we were blessed to have Jalene for a sleepover ... Thea was especially excited !!!

this may be my favorite picture of Evan ... as he here reminds me of a boy i knew when i was his age

... as Evan calls her ... Janellie Belle

we managed a visit to a local playground ... always a place for some great photos ... the kids had fun ... especially new BIG brother, Isaac

Jalene will be starting 1st grade in just a couple of weeks ... where does the time go

Ev enjoyed playing with someone elses toys for a change ... a train that was his Uncle Adam's and now Isaac's

Janelle looks pretty serious here ... i think she prefers her pictures taken by her momma ... (-8b

Kay & Don brought all the kids cool hats ... Isaac got a penguin hat but ... decided he like Janelle's duck hat much better

kc's 3 kids ... Steph, Terri and Adam