Sunday, February 1, 2009

a tradition continues ...

Isaac and i continued our Super Bowl tradition [ 2 years running now ] of watching the game together ... he had his Cardinals red shirt on and this look was a result of Larry Fitzgeralds amazing catch and run for a touchdown to put the Cardinals ahead ... he said " dude • i mean grampa ... that number 11 is THE best " ... Aunt Terri and i couldn't have agreed with him more. but ... the steelers came back and ... [ did what do steelers do ] they stole the game back in the final seconds. oh well ... it was a great game and we had much fun together ... see for yourselves.

Isaac thought it was awesome that his cousins Jalene & Evan & Janelle along with Aunt Terri and Uncle Paul were also rooting for their now hometown Cardinals ...

Isaac brought a toy out that i recognized ... it was a bear his dad played with 28 years earlier ... [ see 2nd picture ] ...
how awesome is this

pretty awesome if you ask me ... Isaac thought so too

how cute are these boys ... this very blessed grampa thinks they are very cute !!!

thank you Isaac for another fantastic time together ... and thank you Adam & Jenn !!! ... i love you ... gkc