Sunday, March 2, 2008

a sleepover at grampas and grammas ...

EVERYONE likes to watch football ... good to see
jalene AND thea have taken to it ALOT sooner than terri did ... (-8b

craft time is always a hit ... jalene made a necklace
for gramma ruth and gramma ruth made 1 for jalene ... and ... they both
wore theirs to church this morning ... (-8b

after her bath ... jalene dazzled us with her
puzzle prowess ... her dad would
have been proud

and ... she was quite pleased with herself when she finished ... (-8b

when we asked her how she did it ... she just
shrugged her shoulders and said ...
" i don't know • i just did it "

after a good nights sleep in her nice, new, blue sleeping bag ... she was
greeted good morning by thea ...

we all had a wonderful time together and can't wait til we can do it again ... YEP • it was what terri calls ... " a torturous weekend for sure " ... btw • sign us up ANYTIME !!!

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