Friday, April 18, 2008

"grampa•nanny•ing" ...

what a blessing [ for me ] that i was asked to sit with the kids a few days a week before i go to work so Terri could go back to work ... i know Terri would rather be home full time with them but ... her low has become my high ... it's awesome how God works these things out ... i LOVE my grampa time with the kids ... and as i'm adding this i'm realizing my low of not being able to watch Isaac on wednesday nites anymore ... Gramma Ruth gets that pleasure full time now all to herself ... i just have to stop by on my and adam's off days and get some time with Isaac ... (-8b ... btw • adam's off today • i'm off today • the cubs are on tv in little while ... hmmmm

Janelle was 2 months on the 15th ... she is such a joy and she smells SO good too

2 of my favorite "reality league" baseball players ...

it's hard to believe Evan will be 3 in just a couple of months ... he's got so much character and he's quite a character at times ... i love it when he gets a little disappointed and pouts and then he magically waves his hand in front of his face and a BIG smile appears ... (-8b ... he too helps grampa out ... he LOVES getting Janelle's diapers.

Jalene is a BIG help to her grampa ... she knows ALL the do's and dont's [ mostly for Ev ] and where everything is ... but ... when 11:30 comes ... it's ALL about "word world" ... the other day i got an envelope in the mail from her with a couple of words she just learned ... nothing else ... just the 2 words ... crown and gown ... ask me in 5 years what those 2 words were and i'll remember them for sure ... (-8b

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