Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the 2nd best thing about Christmas ...

i think this Christmas gift was a winner ... what do you think ??? and ... how cute they decided the 3 peep snowmen in front of the house are ... Jalene on the sled and Gramma Ruth and i the other 2 !!!

we knew Jalene would welcome Ev's help and we knew they would have an awesome time doing this
great idea Gramma Ruth !!!

THE most beautiful gingerbread house builder we know !!!

we think Ev was liking this project too ...

looking good Jalene ... we hope it tastes as good as it looks

poor Janelle has been sick for a few days with an ear infection ... if not i'm sure she would have helped with the project too

and after sitting for a short time ... the house became a new years eve treat ... reports are as we had hoped ... it indeed tasted as good as it looked • great stuff !!!

THANK YOU Terri ... for overseeing the project and for taking and sharing the AWESOME pictures with us ... and ... THANK YOU Jalene ... for making this Christmas so special for us ... we LOVE and MISS you guys SO MUCH !!!

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