Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas day 2008 ...

we were blessed to spend this Christmas day with Adam, Jenn, Isaac and Julian ... thank you Adam & Jenn for having us in your beautiful new home for a "yummy" dinner and a wonderful time together !!!

we started out our time together "skyping" with the Mackmers in phoenix ... how awesome it was to see and talk with them on this special day !!!

by the time we got there ... Isaac had the gift opening down ... too cute !!!

Isaac enjoying his new rocking zebra ...

and [ believe it or not ] this is how he gets off ... everytime ... which is fine as long as there aren't other toys within landing distance

Adam "trying" to help Jenn in our game of Quiddler ...

[ i think ] this is where Jenn bested Julian in one hand ... ???

Isaac helping [ ??? ] Jenn out ... whatdayathink • do they like each other or what

Ruth and her middle son, Julian

THE most blessed grampa we know and 1 very "cute boy"

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